People’s Park is essential!

People’s Park is an urban green space, a center of mutual aid, an arts & culture venue, and a liberated patch of land for the poor and landless of the East Bay.

Video: Creation and Defense of People’s Park!
Protest at Sather Gate with banner

Winter 2023 Alert - join the bulldozer alarm!

UC has historically tried to make moves on the park during winter holidays. We need to be prepared to quickly mobilize our friends, families, and community to make our resistance known.

Text “SAVETHEPARK” to 41372 now for updates! Our emergency-only text list.

Who supports People’s Park?

Dozens of campus orgs, radical projects, and progressive groups support People’s Park as a User-Developed Park.

The Daily Cal will once again stand with the community for calling in a halt to the development of People’s Park.

Daily Californian Editorial Board, 2021

People’s Park … is bustling with human activity all the time, always-already. Basketball, Food Not Bombs, rock concerts, sleeping poets, performing shamans, divine blessings and dad jokes literally flow out of the park.

Miara Baek, "Destroy chancellor’s mansion, not People’s Park"
Peace pole in People's Park reads
  • Berkeley Student Cooperative
  • UC Berkeley Black Student Union
  • Hermanos Unidos
  • POOR Magazine/Prensa POBRE
  • Confederated Villages of Lisjan
  • Daily Californian Editorial Board
  • The United Front Against Displacement
  • Berkeley Free Clinic
  • Berkeley Copwatch
  • Berkeley Suitcase Clinic
  • Consider The Homeless
  • 1921 Walnut St. Tenants Association
  • House the Bay
  • Berkeley Food Collective
  • Berkeley Outreach Coalition

There was an abundance here. Imagine a few hundred years ago, there was no concept of hunger or homelessness, and you could drink fresh water out of “strawberry creek” … Confederated Villages of Lisjan Nation stands with [People’s Park] and all who dream and seek to create a new way of life, one in which we remember what our responsibilities are to the earth, water, air and each other.

Corrina Gould, spokesperson for the Confederated Villages of the Lisjan Nation

Solidarity with other struggles

People’s Park is not about preserving the past. It’s a set of muddy, dirty blueprints for a world where land could be liberated to create commons, and where life is valued more than property. The struggle for People’s Park is a daily affirmation to protect access to land and commons for landless people.

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