Pick your poison! Get connected to efforts to grow and defend People’s Park.

Connect up! Here are a few groups organizing to sustain People’s Park for future generations:

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People’s Park Council

A group which coordinates several fronts to protect and defend the park, including legal advocacy, information production, and direct actions. |

Other Closely Connected Groups

  • East Bay Food Not Bombs - serves fresh vegetarian meals at the park almost every day at 3PM.
  • Berkeley Copwatch - founded out of People’s Park in the 90s, Copwatch provides support to those experiencing police harassment or violence and advocates to defund BPD
  • POOR Magazine/Prensa POBRE - Home of the Poverty Skolas; Black, Brown, and Indigenous-led media and organizing
  • Consider The Homeless - grassroots group which does streets outreach and advocacy
  • Where Do We Go Berkeley? - provides material support and advocacy with encampments
  • Community Liberation Programs - socialist group who organizes at the park
  • Long Haul Infoshop - public community center with connections to park (and home of the chainsaw that defended the park in 1991)
  • United Front Against Displacement - tenant and community organizing to resist capitalist displacement

The People’s Park Historic District Advocacy Group is involved in a lawsuit to stop or slow UC development on the park.