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Tablet Magazine

Oct 2021

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Daily Californian / Miara Baek

Oct 2021

Photo via Daily Cal

Daily Californian / Amanda Hill

Sep 2021

Photo by Daily Cal


One of the best ways to learn about People’s Park (besides coming by yourself) is to read one of the wonderful books published about it!

Inside pages of People’s Park: Still Blooming

People’s Park: Still Blooming
edited by Terri Compost

Available by sliding scale ($3-28) at Whoop! Distro website or at Long Haul Infoshop

The Battle for People’s Park: 1969
by Tom Dalzell

Available at Moe’s Books for $25 and at other local booksellers

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Cal Disorientation Guide


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Süddeutsche Zeitung (Germany)

Aug 2021

Daily Californian / Giancarlo Tucci-Berube

Feb 2021

Photo by Daily Cal

Daily Californian / People’s Park Committee

Sep 2018

Photo by Daily Cal